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What is the maximum allowable Sales contract/loan term & Lease term?
What is the maximum allowable dollar Amount Financed/Capitalized cost?
What is the maximum covered % of MSRP/ NADA/ Kelley allowable?
True or False: The contract covers up to $500 of the insured's primary insurance deductible?
What is the maximum payable loss?
How long does the customer have to cancel the contract for a full refund of the purchase price?
What is the formula used to calculate a GAP cancellation?
True or False: Full coverage insurance is required to purchase GAP coverage?
True or False: A total loss to the vehicle during which the driver is convicted of a DUI is covered?
True or False: The vehicle must be declared a total loss for any payment of benefits including the insurance deductible?
True or False: I will have the customer sign the "declination of coverage" line on the form if they choose not to purchase GAP coverage?
True or False: I should offer 100% of eligible products to 100% of customers, 100% of the time?
True or False: It is highly likely that if I did offer 100% of the eligible products 100% of the time that product penetrations would go up at least 10 to 15%?
True or False: I always read, highlight and understand ALL of the language on ALL of the products I represent to my customers, which helps with compliance and overall professionalism in my industry.
True or False: I will resolve to focus on the basic fundamentals which will incrementally increase my PVR and PPR starting today!