Portfolio AutoCare form P PVS-1000 WA (R 03-15)

Welcome to your Portfolio AutoCare

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What are the 4 available plan types offered by AutoCare?
When does coverage begin?
True or False: Once a part is repaired or replaced under the terms of this contract, there will be no deductible for future repairs to that part.
The repair facility can be a franchised auto dealer or licensed repair facility that provides a written parts and labor guarantee for covered repairs of not less than:
Failure to follow the manufacturer's applicable maintenance & service recommendations based on ________ and ________ may result in the denial of coverage.
Repair costs are limited by which following factors:
For claim assistance, contact the administrator at the following number:
Customer has the right to renew their coverage for additional time/mileage if the request is made within the following parameters:
True or False: Transfer requests must be submitted within 30 days of change of ownership.
True or False: Transferring coverage to new owners can be accommodated up to three times.
At the administrator's option, replacement parts used in covered repairs may include:
True or False: Deluxe coverage is an exclusionary coverage.
True or False: Seals and gaskets are covered in all the coverage levels.
True or False: For emergency roadside assistance, call the administrator’s claim number.
True or False: Emergency roadside assistance benefit will reimburse customer for towing expenses arranged independently by the customer.
Which of the following are excluded from coverage?
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Welcome to your Portfolio AutoCare form P PVS-1000 WA (R 03-15)

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