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True or False: Dent Care is only available on new vehicle purchases.
What is the deductible amount required to file a claim?
True or False: The cumulative total of benefits paid for repairs shall not exceed the original purchase price of the vehicle.
The administrator is which of the following and must be contacted to file a claim?
True or False: Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance may result in loss of coverage.
For claim assistance, customers must call which of the following phone numbers:
Transferring coverage to new owners can be accommodated how many times with a $50 fee?
List the areas of a vehicle that are covered.
True or False: Dents, dings, and creases up to 3" in diameter qualify for coverage.
True or False: There is a surcharged option that provides deductible reimbursement up to $500 for automobile collision or comprehensive damage claims if customer is not happy with covered repairs using repair systems provided by Express Dent Care.
The automobile deductible reimbursement may be redeemed according to which following schedule?
True or False: Coverage excludes dents, dings, and creases with cracked, chipped, or scratched paint surface areas.
The customer may cancel this contract for a full refund if cancellation request is submitted within ___ days of the inception date.
True or False: Express Dent Care offers a dedicated claims assistance department for Uber vehicles.
Which examples would prohibit the use of paintless dent removal? (select multiple)
Filing a claim requires a ___ hour advance notice.