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True or False: The two coverage plan options are Plan A (Powertrain only) and Plan B (Powertrain with seals & gaskets).
How many deductible options are available for the dealer to choose from?
The total of benefits paid per repair visit shall not exceed the __ value of the vehicle at time of repair.
The repair facility must be which of the following to qualify for a covered repair?
True or False: Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance may result in loss of protection if repairs, which would otherwise be covered, would not have been necessary if vehicle was properly maintained.
For claim assistance, customers must call which of the following phone numbers:
Transferring coverage to new owners can be accommodated how many times?
True or False: Seals and gaskets are covered in all the coverage levels.
SelectShield provides which of the following benefits?
If terms are not selected in sections 1, 2, & 3, coverage will default to which of the following parameters?
True or False: SelectShield is an insurance policy that requires obligations to be fulfilled by the underwriter.