A New Gear to Skyrocket the Profitability of Your Dealership: a Valuable Marketing Tool for Dealerships

Get deep insights into your potential customers through this marketing tool for dealerships.

Have you heard of the saying, there are no traffic jams along the extra mile?

This is exactly what this new gear could do for you. The digital, AI-powered tool gets insights into your customers like no one else does so that you could go an extra mile to learn about your customers. It can help you put your inventory in front of the right car shoppers first and not stop marketing to them until they buy. Additionally, this marketing tool for dealerships could provide you valuable information such as motivation to buy and current vehicle.

You might have tools to learn what channels your shoppers are using or who has visited your website are what have they browsed for.

But do you know—

  • Which shoppers are active in your market right now?
  • Who is shopping, their name, contact?
  • What are they shopping for, make, model?
  • When and where they are shopping, days in the market, shopping behavior, intensity?

Having in-depth information at your disposal would not only facilitate in identifying your target customers and reaching out to them before your competitors do but also in shaping your messaging and initiating a meaningful conversation that sells cars.

This is what the highly advanced, Artificial intelligence-based tool could do for you to increase your sales and profitability. If used efficiently, the tool would enable you to do better in core areas of marketing, namely:

  1. Positioning
  2. Place
  3. Brand’s promise and value
  4. Measurement/Results

A valuable marketing tool for dealerships could help you excel the following crucial areas of marketing:

Get in front of your shoppers first

Advanced audience identification technology lets you reach out to shoppers inside and outside your database within 24 hours of them entering the market. Furthermore, this marketing tool for dealerships knows who is shopping, what they are shopping for, how you could effectively position your brand, and where they are in the buyer’s journey so you can engage with them at the right time and before another dealership else.

Omnichannel, cross-device targeting—

Shoppers actively use multiple channels such as social media, website, email, and devices. Identifying the proper channels and ways to communicate with them would give you an upper hand over your competitors.

Brand’s promise and value: Relevant messages and offers—

Shoppers are online day and night and across more than six devices. They expect brands to move with them. With dynamic media and creative optimization, you could create messaging that resonates with your customers and appeals to them to take action.

Attribution and results—

Finally, attributing digital visitors is not a problem with this tool. It tracks every marketing touchpoint to deliver attribution for you to see the results.

In addition, the tool gives you rich data based on about 90% of U.S. connected devices and by following over 250 million potential shoppers. Once a shopper is matched to a dealership, the tool deploys omnichannel marketing.

As a dealership marketer, would it not make sense to spend your time where it is more profitable and generate the highest ROI. So, it is important to consider questions such as

  • How can I learn about my target audience?
  • How can I reach out to them before my competitors do, and close the deal?
  • What message would resonate with their motivation to buying a new vehicle?
  • Most importantly, is there a tool that can help find all those answers?

The answer is YES! There is a marketing tool for dealerships that could help skyrocket the profitability. 

We have a tool to answers all your marketing and audience-related questions and some that you did not consider. We are committed to dealerships’ success in all realms. In addition, we are here to help you make the best use of your marketing efforts by utilizing the resources where it matters the most.

Call us today or reach out to us using this form to learn more and schedule a demo of how this marketing tool for dealerships could help you significantly grow your profits.

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