Proven Reinsurance

auto dealer reinsurance

Reinsurance with PRO is different. See where your money is, where it came from, and where it's going - while you watch it grow.

You own and control your reinsurance company, 100% of the underwriting profits, and investment income. We maximize your earnings with the help of a national network of agents, managing directors, and reinsurance specialists. Together Towards Success!

Not all reinsurance is created equal. It is one thing to own; it is another thing to control it.

PRO is allied with Portfolio, a company known for its transparent and well-managed reinsurance operations. In addition, Portfolio has also established itself as a pioneer in reinsurance innovation, making them an industry leader.

Reinsurance Program Highlights:

Your Personal Wealth Assets

Keep the profits.

Reinsurance companies allow dealers to build wealth by earning the underwriting profits on the sale of risk-based F&I products as well as derived investment income.

Traditional direct or “walkaway” programs keep all of the underwriting and interest themselves.

Our parent company, Portfolio, starts and manages reinsurance companies that are 100% owned and 100% controlled by the dealer — including all underwriting and investment profits — in exchange for a fully disclosed fee.

Asset Protection

Get your dividends — now.
Our dealers take dividends from underwriting profits at their own discretion. We transfer the funds almost immediately upon request. And unlike many other reinsurance providers, access is just a phone call away.

Dealer Lender Policy

Take Control of Financing
Our dealers can not only borrow 100% of their earned premiums but also have access to 75% of unearned premiums. And the interest is paid back to your own reinsurance company, not to us.

Every product reinsured

Go Beyond the Unthinkable
Some reinsurance providers may say the risk is too great. But they still encourage dealers to sell those products. Most of our dealers reinsure the premiums for every product their stores sell. So, who gets the underwriting profits?

Flexible and customizable

Build Your Winning Lineup

Our dealers can customize coverage terms and rates to fit their goals, not the administrator’s.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. We assist you in managing your own ARC by providing you with all the information to do so.

Transparency and trust

Be Informed. Stay Ahead.

We deliver a complete financial statement on your ARC, a record of loan status and dividends, and everything you need to know about how each product performs, down to the individual claim.

You can’t manage what you can’t control. We assist you in managing your own account by providing you with all the information to do so.

Control and Maximize Your Own Profit Participation Program