Our Story

The PROConsulting story


To provide strategic solutions and tactical support that helps our clients drive sales, foster personnel growth, and boost overall income.



Putting the interests and goals of our clients first is the hallmark of a relationship with PRO. We maintain the highest standards of ethics and conduct; customized solutions help our valued clients achieve what matters to them.


Value created but not realized is of no value at all. PRO solves problems by providing undiscovered opportunities and helping clients create a culture of excellence. With our services, we can make a meaningful contribution to our clients’ bottom line as well as to their organizational culture.


We are driven by a customer-centric approach that puts our clients’ unique expectations at the forefront of everything we do. Knowing what our clients are trying to accomplish allows us to provide a clear understanding of the direction in which they are headed, as well as how their roles contribute to the success of the team as a whole. These are the differences that make the difference with PRO.


Craig Almon and Doug Dingman advanced their automotive careers under Pat Ryan, the father of dealership financing. As founding members of PRO in 1998, Craig and Doug have been instrumental in assisting dealer clients to achieve their profitability goals while providing personal and professional training to hundreds of managers and salespeople.

They have coached, mentored, and managed numerous dealership personnel to excel in their roles. The PRO Team’s contributions have been essential in transforming the professional journey of thousands of individuals, leading to their ongoing success.