Empower Your Automotive Success

Industry Knowledge through Informative Infographics. 

4 things great leaders do

Learn how top-performing car sales personnel become great managers and leaders.

7 T's to build a high performing team

See how these important T's: talent, training, teamwork, trust, tasks, tempo, transfomation can make or break your team.

Are you doing enough to futureproof your dealership?

Learn the secrets to thrive in a rapidly evolving auto industry.

Champion mindset for sales success

Unlock the champion's attitude with five key traits for sales success.

Claim your respect

Ten things that take zero talent, but will get you 100% respect everywhere you go.

Achieving greatness: the elements for success

Learn as much from your failures as your successes.

Empower your teams for their growth, and dealership success

Key pillars for dealership success

Find the right person for the job, provide the right training, motivate pay plans, have effective systems and control and be committed.

Putting prospects in a buying mindset

Learn how to naturally work with people and their motivations to get them in the buying mindset.

The winning blueprint: the must-have skills of a top salesperson

5 types of salespeople

See how a salesperson's personality and attitude shape the customers' feelings and perceptions toward the product and store.

Visualize yourself to success

See how the the fear of a prospect not completing a sale places your brain on high alert.