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Our Sales Team

Craig Almon

Craig Almon


Craig Almon is a co-founder of PRO Consulting LLC. He serves as the agency principal and corporate trainer, providing results-based business development services to many of the Pacific Northwest’s largest dealer groups.

In 1989, Craig launched his career in the automobile business as a Finance and Insurance Specialist with Pat Ryan & Associates. He advanced rapidly within the company and was nationally recognized as a top dealer development professional before becoming the Northwest Regional Business Development Manager. During his tenure, Craig increased the growth and profitability of the area’s “Mega” dealerships.

In addition to his role at PRO Consulting LLC, Craig is a creative consultant, content provider and principal investor in a joint venture Dealer Success Institute: an online resource and service provider of customized dealer, agent and administrator training content.

When he isn’t traveling, Craig continuously updates his skill set with a good book or is golfing.

Doug Dingman


Doug Dingman is a co-founder of PRO Consulting LLC with over three decades of experience in the industry. He works closely with dealers to develop people and programs increasing dealership profits.

Before co-founding PRO Consulting LLC, Doug worked for notable companies such as Pat Ryan & Associates where he first served as a Finance and Insurance Specialist. He traveled nationally developing finance departments varying in size, selling systems, demographics, and car lines.

In 1990, Doug joined one of Washington’s leading Ford dealers as a General Sales Manager and assisted in increasing monthly retail sales from 200 to 400 units. After three successful years, he was recruited back to Pat Ryan & Associates as their Senior District Sales Manager, specializing in dealership development and acquisition.

Doug grew up on a ranch in Eastern Washington and maintains a strong connection to the community. He is a Boy Scoutmaster who enjoys both water and snow skiing, as well as spending time with family.

Anne Reverman

Anne Revermann

Area Manager

Anne is the Area Manager for PRO Consulting LLC. For the past eleven years, she has worked in the car business, building a successful career as a Finance Manager and GSM. 

Having a thorough understanding of the business, she values training and helping others find achievement. She has effectively helped dealerships foster lender relationships, ensure compliance, and develop successful plans for income development.

Anne’s experience in the industry began in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her family ran a thriving automotive business. She has also lived in Alaska where she married her husband of sixteen years and with whom she has one daughter. With all that she has achieved, Anne’s proudest accomplishment is raising her daughter. She enjoys horseback riding and traveling with family to find new adventures that await them.

Louis Stoecklin

Louis Stoecklin

Area Manager

Lou has over 29 years of experience in various roles within the automotive industry, including F&I product sales, training, and dealership management.

He has been recognized for his achievements, including receiving the “Top Gun” award in 2009. In addition, Lou traveled extensively across the US to provide dealership managers with training, mentoring, and guidance. He helped them grasp the intricacies of Finance and Insurance products to optimize profitability. His exceptional performance led to a rapid promotion to the position of District Manager, where he spearheaded the development of F&I operations in the Pacific Northwest region.

Lou specializes in creating solutions for challenging situations, developing people, mentoring, coaching, turnaround situations, and retaining existing customers. Furthermore, he has also been a vital contributor to a successful financial service startup that helped grow the agency into one of the largest in the US during his nine years. Lou treasures moments with his wife, two daughters, and three Pembroke Welsh Corgis during his leisure time. He also fuels his passion for sports, particularly as an avid fan of the Seattle Sounders.

Sheila Booze

Sheila Booze

Business Development Specialist

Sheila is the Business Development Specialist for PRO Consulting LLC. Sheila has been involved in multiple departments of dealerships since 2013 and has helped dealerships acquire more rooftops and maximize growth, stability, and profit within each of their departments. 

As a result, stores highly regard her contributions to identifying growth opportunities for their stores and employees. Sheila received her bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and master’s degree in London. She honed her F&I competencies by attending some of the top F&I schools taught by leading trainers in the country and received certification from the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP) in 2017.

Sheila is a huge believer in building strong relations. One of the reasons she loves the auto industry is that it is people-centric, and she recognizes that it is people who make the automotive sector thrive. Sheila is a loving mother of two adorable boys. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time hiking, camping, making smores, and going to the beach with her family.

Ally Hardy

Business Development Specialist

Ally comes to PRO with 20 years of experience in the Finance department of the Automotive and RV industries. She has a tenacious attitude towards results, being laser focused on efficiency and expedience.

As a growth oriented person, Ally is beyond excited to be a part of the success of our dealers. She will provide a fresh perspective on new and missed opportunities for growth and profit with her recent and relevant finance experience. Ultimately, supporting profitability of the valued client partners.

Outside of work, Ally is most likely shopping with her daughter, spoiling her dogs, traveling with her husband, or chasing her next thrill-seeking adventure. Ally views life and work with intent, always seeking to learn, teach and grow. 

Michael Niles

Director of Sales and Business Development

Bringing over three decades of retail auto industry expertise, Mike excels in strategic planning and innovation. He specializes in developing clear, practical strategies, and fostering innovation to effectively navigate market challenges.

With a robust 33-year tenure in the auto sales industry and an academic foundation as a NADA Academy Graduate, Mike brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record to our team. His profound understanding of customer needs, market dynamics, and product excellence has shaped his career, enabling him to exceed expectations consistently. Mike excels in strategic planning, implementing clear and practical strategies, and fostering innovation to navigate market challenges. His skills in process development, marketing, data analysis, and coaching have significantly contributed to his success.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a strategic mindset, Mike is adept at transforming customer insights into actionable, profitable strategies. His commitment to excellence and ability to devise creative solutions underscore his integral role in driving business success.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, pursuing his passion for golf, and cheering for his favorite teams, the Seattle Mariners and the Seahawks.

Our Office Team

Kristin Armes

Kristin Armes

Operations and HR Manager

Maxine Grigg-Peterson

Administrative Specialist

Ruby Sharma

Ruby Sharma

Marketing Specialist

Mateo Lamping

Sales and Marketing Coordinator