Are You Struggling to Hire the Right People Amid a Peak in Demand?

Finding and hiring the right people for the job is a challenging task

As the businesses return to normal and the Fed is pumping money to revive the economy, the retail auto sector is experiencing a sharp rise in demand. For example, Ford Motors Company sales increased by 65% during April 2021.  On the other hand, the chip shortage has disrupted the global supply and chain, which led to skyrocketing prices of the new and used inventory. Regardless, car shoppers are not expecting to delay their purchases. This means the dealerships need well-trained staff to efficiently assist potential customers. A person who could effectively match customers’ needs, and budget to the appropriate vehicle while enhancing their experience. However, hiring the right people for the job is a long-standing challenge for dealerships. Especially, when the labor market is tighter than normal.

Additionally, amidst inventory shortage, the dealers are focusing on ways to unlock new profit centers such as the F&I department and service drives. Then again, identifying and recruiting the people skilled in doing this type of work requires ample resources and time.

As per a COX Automotive Study, published on June 21, 2021:

72% of auto dealers say that finding and hiring the right employee is the top staffing challenge.

It is considerably grueling in the tight labor market to find a person that fits best in your dealership’s role and culture. Notably, some candidates feel they lack the right skill for the open position. The Cox study found that 32% of job seekers are not interested in dealership jobs as they do not think they have the right skills. Whereas others prefer to stay home due to health risks or are unwilling to change their current position, some are not looking due to childcare responsibilities. Still, others prefer collecting unemployment insurance coverage over earning wages. Consequently, your job as a people’s manager is getting tougher and the task to hire right people is demanding.

Data driven recruiting process is the key to identifying the right talent

Fortunately, a data-driven recruiting process can help you recognize and hire right people.  The right person contribute to achieving your financial goals while keeping customers satisfied and willing to return to your dealership.

The personality and cognitive analysis provide reliable data about the traits and attitude of the candidate. So, you can recruit the person with complete confidence. For example, taking help of the personality and cognitive evaluations will enable you to determine the candidate’s qualities and potential upfront. It helps to understand how the person behaves in a particular situation and what are their blind spots. As a result, you will get direction on coaching to the strengths and guarding against the weaknesses.

Undeniably, recruiting the right person is critical for the success of your department and overall profitability. Therefore, utilizing a data-driven recruitment process to find the right fit for the role and team is imperative. Additionally, personality and cognitive assessments help you go beyond the resume. It would enable you to get deep insights to prepare for, and conduct high-quality, meaningful interviews. Furthermore, the assessments help you reach candidates based on the highest predictors of job success. Moreover, the assessment data provides direction to communicate effectively with your hires.

The role of creating a supportive work environment in retaining the right people

High employee turnover in the retail auto industry leads to constant hiring. Therefore, retention through a supportive work environment is a crucial factor to consider. The Cox Study found that the top driver of employee engagement, which leads to retention, is a supportive work environment, including the following essential elements.

supportive work environment

The benefit of personality and cognitive assessment to find the right fit

Career development and communication are the top elements that influence employee retention. The personality and cognitive assessments help you understand the focus area of training for your employees. In addition, it provides insights on how to better communicate with your employees. In short, an examination such as P.I. Test would help you to not only find the right employees but also contributes towards creating a suitable communication and work environment. This leads to help retain your staff longer and save your valuable time and resources.

The importance of professional interpretation of assessment data 

The assessments help you not only in hiring the right person but also in helping your people be their best. Remember, a professional interpretation of results is essential in identifying the best fit. In addition, it will lead to an effective hiring and development process and help you become aware of the efficient ways to interact with your hires.

What are the person’s strengths, management style, and influencing skills? For example, is the candidate good at analyzing facts before making decisions? Does your new hire have an eye for detail? Are they deliberate, precise, and fit for the immense paperwork involved in the F&I department? The results may give you a brief idea about their personality and potential. But a professional can help you understand how the traits fit with the role and responsibilities and how to make the best use of your employees’ traits. 

We can help you implement that in your dealership. With our decades of auto industry experience, we understand how to analyze people’s traits and identify the potential fit for the role. Reach out to us today to help you hire right people in your team.

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