Close the Most Car Deals During the End of Year Rush

You have worked hard all year to navigate inventory limitations and manage consumer demand. With Christmas around the corner, most of us are preparing for the final days of December in the dealership. In a year different from any other, what should you expect from customers this year? How can Salespeople and Finance Managers close more car deals during the end of year rush?

Historically, the highest volume of sales at the dealership, occur in the final week of the year. Although we are seeing a decrease in manufacturer incentives this year, consumers are still very likely to car shop between Christmas and New Year’s. As always, most buyers will have done a considerable amount of research before arriving to the dealership to buy, this holiday season. Likewise, many will also be ready to ask questions, negotiate, and get the best deal possible. Salespeople and Finance Managers will need to be strategic to close more car deals.

Considering incentives are down and prices high, Salespeople and Finance Managers may be looking for ways to maintain focus and sales momentum to maximize dealership traffic and close more car deals. Even though this year has been profitable for many dealerships, the final weeks of December are no time to slow down. As the year comes to end, here are some things to remember as a Finance Manager or Salesperson, that will help you close more deals during busy days at the dealership.

Pay attention to your health

Food, shelter, and water are the building blocks of wellbeing and performance. When you are busy, it can be easy to neglect yourself. However, you will be able to maximize busy times and perform at your peak if you are in the habit of taking care of your personal health.

Here are some smalls things you can do to help you keep your sales momentum and close more deals:

1. Eat. Try to eat a healthy breakfast, keep snacks nearby, and have a plan for lunch. When you are hungry, your blood sugar drops. This can create confusion, fatigue, and sometimes irritability.

2. Stay hydrated. Life would not exist without water. You are not an exception. Staying hydrated during the day will help you stay focused, calm, and awake. Keep a water bottle at your desk so you always have water to drink nearby.

3. Stretch. Periodically stretch your hands above your head, do a neck roll, and check on your posture. This will help you stay energized, relieve tension, and maintain good posture. Good posture and relaxed demeaner during chaotic days will help you show your customers that you are professional and trustworthy.

4. Take meaningful breaks. When you are able to take a break, are you doing something that is recharging you? See if you can clear you mind completely for 10-15 minutes while you are on your break. You could listen to music, go on a walk, close your eyes and breath, or maybe listen to something funny. Find out what works best for you and do it. You will see an immediate difference.

5. Protect your voice. Working in sales requires using your voice. If you are seeing people all day, that adds up to a lot of talking. Staying hydrated, keeping answers concise, and asking more questions will help protect your vocal cords. If your voice is fading, a spoonful of honey straight up or in a cup of tea, will save you.

Stay composed in any situation to close more car deals

We are instinctively judging creatures. If you sense a customer is skeptical or unfriendly at first, remember – this can change. You are in control of your behavior and how you interact with each customer, no matter what ideas they have about dealerships, car sales or you.
Some reminders on how to keep your cool, make a great first impression, and stay focused to make the sale:

1. Smile and laugh. Even if you are feeling low or bothered by an interaction, visualizing something that makes you happy will help elevate your mood. Seek humor in situations and keep the conversation light. Happiness and levity is contagious.

2. Give compliments. Take the higher road and find something you like about your customer. Sometimes the meanest people are even meaner to themselves and could use a little boost.

3. Take nothing personally. Remember, someone’s assumptions are their own problem. Some also suffer from a lack of awareness. This is also their problem.

4. Lead with empathy. It is important to remember that everyone has a story that impacts how they behave. Remaining empathetic during every interaction will help you create positive experiences for yourself and your customer.

5. Be honest and genuine. Show you care by asking questions and giving honest answers. Kindness and honesty is the best defense against anything that may come your way.

Remembering your customer’s names is a simple yet effective way to close more car deals

“I’m horrible with names,” said no successful person ever. The simplest way to make someone feel special and seen is by asking for their name, making sure you can say it correctly, and then remembering it. When customers feel taken care of, seen, and heard, they are more likely to trust you with their business. During the holiday season, this is especially important.

Here are some tips to help you remember names of your customers:

1. Say it back to the person after they say it to you. “Nice to meet you, Penny”
2. Repeat the name in your head and tie it to something that stands out to you. For example, Penny with the pink shirt.
3. Keep a pocket notepad with you and jot it down
4. Imagine a powerful visual to associate with the name.

Know the difference between a question and an objection

Toward the end of a long day or week, customers with a lot of questions can be challenging. Many salespeople may get defensive when asked too many questions. Don’t let that be you. Remember, a question is not an objection! Answer each question with clear and concise language and keep moving the sales process forward. Getting defensive will turn off your customer and hurt your sale. If you can maintain a helpful and patient attitude, it will be easier to field questions smoothly.

Ask for the sale and embrace the silence

If you don’t ask, the answer is no. In effect, many deals aren’t closed simply because a Salesperson or Finance Manager does not ask for the sale. Make sure you are asking for the sale in every interaction to close more deals. After you ask, pause. In the same way, the more comfortable you are in this silence, the better the customer will feel about saying yes. If they say no, no problem.

Find out why and go from there. Moreover, there are multiple ways to ask for the sale, including the choice close and the trial close. Learning or reviewing the different ways to close a sale and practicing each technique will improve your closing rate.

In truth, working during the holiday season can be tough as a Salesperson or a Finance Manager. We have been there. Equally, there are also many things that go into closing deals and keeping sales momentum. However, these are a few things that you can control on the showroom floor and in the finance office, that may help you increase how much money you make at the dealership at the end of this year by closing more deals.

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