Common Dealership Challenges—and Solutions

Dealership life is certainly not monotonous. Dealership personnel comes across new opportunities, challenges, and prospects to close the deals and meet sales goals. Assisting customers find the desired vehicle, providing them with the necessary information, or managing objections is a significant part of one’s routine. In addition, dealership teams manage many low-key tasks essential to efficiently carry out their day-to-day duties. Those tasks sometimes convert to common dealership challenges. For example, locating the right vehicle from the large inventory lot, securing new leads, and protecting assets.

In other words, oftentimes, even small tasks could be more challenging than one might imagine.

That said, we have compiled solutions and strategies to overcome some of the most common dealership challenges to make your lives easier.

1. Locating the car right away for your customers:

You may have been in a situation yourself or heard other salespeople seeking assistance locating the right vehicle from the large inventory lot. It is frustrating for the salesperson to keep their potential customers waiting to show a car matching their needs and liking, especially for a minor reason.

Solution: Spartan GPS is a great solution to search any vehicle from your lot by vehicle number, color, VIN, or a specific model. This product will not only pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location instantly but also equip you with more details of the vehicle to share with your customers. The sales enablement app displays all the vehicle information and pictures in one view. In addition, it lets you quickly send CARFAX info directly to your customer from the app.

2. The car doesn’t start when you take your customer to the car for a demo:

After you’ve found the vehicle and taken your customer to it, maybe it wouldn’t start because of a dead battery. Bringing your customer to a car that doesn’t start can sacrifice the sale. It could just be a dead battery, but now they think there’s a major issue with the vehicle.

Solution: The same technology- Spartan GPS, monitors the vehicle’s battery health with daily reports. Not to mention, the product improves the process to reduce customer and sales team fatigue caused by unnecessary delays.

3. Asset protection:

Auto theft has increased roughly 11% nationwide in the last two years. Vehicles are going missing from dealerships and driveways. Many dealerships are facing challenges in protecting their cars from being stolen. Don’t be another statistic or victim of vehicle theft from your store.

Solution: Advanced inventory management by Spartan is an effective means to safeguard your assets against theft. The product deters joy-riding and unauthorized vehicle use. Additionally, it provides considerable benefits to your customers with a vehicle tracking solution that allows law enforcement to recover your vehicle quickly and easily in the event of a theft.

4. Identifying the right leads:

Who’s in the market for a new vehicle, what they are looking for, and how long have they been in the market. These are some of the top questions when it comes to generating the right leads to grow dealership sales. Furthermore, how to get to your shoppers before your competition and what tools could help achieve this goal are prevalent challenges for dealerships.

Solution: An AI-based advanced data-driven tool can help generate the right leads and get you an upper hand in the industry. The technology provides data to determine who started, stopped, and ramped up their shopping in the last 24 hours.

Furthermore, the tool also helps with vehicle acquisition solutions in fluctuating market conditions. Reach out to us to schedule a demo of this advanced AI-based tool.

5. Creating value for your customers:

The F&I department plays a critical role in building a revenue stream for a dealership. However, customers often express their doubts about F&I products and their values. Creating value for your customers to close the deal is something that F&I personnel aspire to, but many find it challenging.

Solution: Having your team conduct regular reviews, role plays, and training are the fundamentals of ensuring that your F&I department offers real value for the customers and adds to their experience. Moreover, role plays and regular training to review your process could produce significant results in your sales goals. PRO has been providing comprehensive training to some of the top-performing dealerships. Call us today to see how we can help you overcome common dealership challenges and turbocharge your profitability.


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