Looking Beyond Your Own Headlights: How Profit-Driving Partners Can Help Boost Your Profitability in Today’s Market

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In today’s rapidly changing automotive market, it’s crucial for dealerships to keep a close watch on industry trends and find new ways to increase profitability. As such, the expertise of  strategic auto dealership consultants can be invaluable in navigating these challenges. A recent research report highlights the decline in vehicle registrations, with a 14% decrease in YTD Q3 2022 compared to the previous year. On the other hand, this trend emphasizes the importance of proven strategies to make up for lost profits.

Source: Experian as of January through September of each year

The big question arises, how can dealers make up for the lost profit even when the sales are getting impacted?

Working with strategic consultant partners can be a game-changer for dealerships looking to significantly boost their bottom-line profitability in this current market condition.
In addition to the profit-driving solutions, there are numerous benefits and value of having an external partner to support the dealership’s profitability and teams.

Expanding your horizon: The power of outside perspective and strategic auto dealership consultants 

Dealership teams often get bogged down in day-to-day operations and lose sight of the bigger picture. Strategic consultant partnership with external providers provides an outside perspective, allowing dealerships to see beyond their own headlights. Helping dealership teams keep sight of the bigger picture is a huge benefit of having the right external strategic consultant partnerships. As a success partner, the PRO Team brings years of hands-on industry experience providing clients with context and perspective to safely navigate current market landmines.

Furthermore, Having current market intel and vision of market trends allows us to leverage our data insights with our deep industry knowledge to help dealerships streamline operations and enhance customer experience with cutting-edge solutions and tools.

Consultants assist in discovering efficient solutions to questions such as:

  • What are the new and fresh ideas and solutions we need to create to get us past this problem and back on track with our desired outcomes?
  • What are the unexpected opportunities that are being presented that might move us in the direction we want but don’t look the way we thought they would look? (Where is the gaggle of quacking ducks? Or where is your next $100 per car coming from?)
  • What exactly is the gap between where customers are frustrated and what the competition is doing?

Leveraging expertise and experience of strategic auto dealership consultants partners for optimal results

Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System, once said, “Without standards, there can be no improvement.” That’s because it is not possible to improve on a process that is not documented, inconsistently applied, and not universally understood.

For the process to be consistent with your dealership goals and be universally understood by all your teams, it is critical to eliminate tribal knowledge. When only an individual or a small group keeps the information, it becomes difficult to effectively communicate best practices. Making companies reliant on a handful of experienced workers. To develop a result-driven culture and better collaboration among teams, consultants bring in expertise and years of experience. To ensure all your employees understand your dealership goals and contribute towards achieving them. Therefore, PRO Team focuses on regular on-site development of employees in addition to strategic solutions unique to your dealership.

PRO Team helps dealerships create productive, well-synced teams and a positive culture. We use and recommend an enterprise development solution that provides precise behavioral metrics and descriptions. This is how we guide the hiring team to make data-driven decisions that drive revenue.

Furthermore, F&I consultants bring in the knowledge and experience to identify gaps in attaining revenue goals. They help you get effective answers to questions such as:

  • What are the culture deficiencies in my dealership that are preventing us from being high-performance vs. high maintenance?
  • What are the missing structural components required to produce consistent execution on our critical drivers?
  • What do I need to stop doing to make room for higher-value activities?

Overall, F&I consultants bring specialized skills and years of experience in sales, F&I, employee development and retention, and dealership management. They use this expertise to help dealerships implement growth strategies unique to their market and customers.

The road to success with strategic consultants

Our valued clients have seen a PVR growth of $2400 in 2020 to $3400 in 2022.

We continuously align ourselves with the latest industry trends and closely monitor shifts in the market. In addition, our historical perspective allows us to develop strategies to manage cost of sales and guide you in effectively balancing expenses and profitability.

Smoothly transition to partner with your experienced PRO Team to maximize your dealership’s potential and achieve revenue growth goals. Contact us today to set up a free discovery call.

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